PEZ - Snacking, playing and collecting - a brand with cult status.

PEZ candies, derived from the word "mint", were first made in 1927 by Eduard Haas III, from Upper Austria. Since 1962 the various "heads" on the dispenser have been making children's hearts beat faster and have become a coveted collector's item. PEZ products are available in a total of over 80 countries. About 65 million dispensers and 4.2 billion candies are made annually. Besides the classic PEZ candies and dispensers, the product portfolio also includes various gift packs with dispensers and candies, seasonal products (Easter, Christmas, Halloween), fruit gum products and dextrose and fizzy candies.

A variety of different dispensers have been developed since the invention. The dispenser base always remained the same and the heads are based on current trends and cinema releases. Highlights 2016: Angry Birds, Pets, Finding Dorie, Trolls and Transformers.

PEZ candy - fruity, thrilling, deliciously sweet.
Since 1927, the unique form of the PEZ candies has not changed. All the candies are naturally coloured and lactose and gluten free. Varieties in Austria: fruit, cola, fizzy, mango mix, sour mix, strawberry, cherry.

PEZ dextrose
The packages in colourful design and with a child-friendly tablet size have been available from early 2016 in the following flavours: strawberry, raspberry and tutti frutti. The new glucose product with sweet charismatic animal pictures on the packaging not only looks pretty, but is distinguished by high-quality ingredients.

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